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Power Steering Pump: Rebuild or buy new??

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Just pulled my PS pump as it has a small leak.  Not caring about concours, is it better to have it rebuilt (professional shop) or just buy a new one, like this.  I know I will have to put my old pulley on which I think should be easy.  By the time I rent or buy a tool for the pully and with shipping they come out to about the same costs (although Rockauto would be about $25. less.  Which is the best course to follow??


CARDONE 967054 With Reservoir Info
Part image
$122.79 $0.00 $122.79  



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Just wondering, are the "new" ones really new or just someones rebuilt core?

You could keep your same pump and send it to powersteering.com to have it rebuilt for about the same price. I as well as a few others on here have used them for steering related rebuilds with good luck and turnaround times. 

There are also very good tutorials  ( you tube and here ) that go step by step thru the rebuilding process. Looks interesting to do but beyond my skills.


When installing the new pump remember to not push on the case to tighten the belt. This can dent the case and cause leaks.


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f it just a leak from a bad seal/gasket re-seal kit are available and cheap. If you have the shop manual it is not terribly hard to do. Complete rebuild kits were available 10 years ago but I can't find any today. Chuck

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The seal kits are a couple gaskets, copper washer, seal and o-rings. That's all I've ever needed to do and of course, a complete inspection and cleaning of all parts while its disassembled. 


That new PS pump is guaranteed to be an asian sourced unit. I'd rather send one to Dan @chockostang to have it gone through than buy new. 

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Rebuild your old pump or have someone rebuild it. I bought a new Cardone pump. It's made in China. It's very noisy, whines. Not happy with it. I'm going to have my old one rebuilt. 

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Think I will do both...............made quite a bit of money this week selling ammo I have stockpiled to those in need.  Bought a bunch when prices were really low, don't need it so let other folks have it while fueling my parts purchases.  So I ordered a new pump (before I saw 73s post)  but will also send off the old one for a rebuild in the near future.  Same with my ALT, old one works fine but bought a new one as well, can't take it with you lol.

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