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The car is now at the paint shop. Should be back in a couple of weeks. I'm now getting all the interior items ready to install. Had to buy new door cards and some of the rear quarter panels. The original panels that were not damaged were painted to match the gloss of the new ones. The picture shows the old panel newly painted on the left and the new panel on the right New window seals have been fitted to the door cards and rear trims. Many of the pins on the woodgrain door panels were broken or missing. The panels themselves were still good so I put new pins in the panels. These were cut from mild steel, bent as in the pictures and secured on the back of the panel with fiberglass body filler. The rear fold-down seat sections have also been restored and ready to install.














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Thanks. I'm pleased I stayed with the original colour. Should look great once stripes, etc are done. Hopefully it should go back together fairly quickly as everything is ready to go.

Finished the boot/trunk area yesterday. Seal, lights, key lock, etc. Looks better with the wheels back on. They were stored with the car (in pieces) for 10 + years by the PO. Just a clean up and polish and they came up like new.




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You should be able to put back together in 3 weeks if everything is ready to bolt on. Just go slow where paint is involved and do not chip. 


When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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Haven't posted for a while but just saw this - great job and sure feels great when done!

Yes those window trims sound crap. Even the OEM ones have to be careful not to chip the shiny new paint like I did doh!

Should have mine back on the road this weekend after 6 months off road will be a good feeling.

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