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1971 Mach 1 starting problem

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I purchased the car from the original owners and was told the carburetor needed to be rebuilt. Had that done, reinstalled, still not running. I drove this car 700 Miles with the bad carburetor so I know it runs. I’ve also replaced the fuel pump and still not running. I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what else it might be. Thanks!

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Just because the carburetor was rebuilt does not mean that it is now working better. Because the engine ran before the carburetor rebuild and doesn't run now the carburetor would be my first suspect. Did you replace the fuel filter? Did you check the fuel pump after you installed it to make sure it pumps fuel? New does not mean good. Finally, have you checked to see if you have spark?

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To clarify this the car ran until you rebuilt the carb correct.  If so then evidently something is not correct in the carb.  Try shooting some starting fluid in the carb just to see if it will start.  If so then you can eliminate the electrical part of it.  If not then need to start looking elsewhere other than the carb.

Questions - What type of carb?  Did you do a complete rebuild including float needle valve and seat?  Did you adjust the floats?  Are you for sure you are getting gas to the pump and carb?


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I go by the FAST rule. Fuel, Air, Spark and Timing, if these are correct  it should run.

What carburetor do you have on there? There aren't many out there that truly understand carburetors anymore.

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