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8 hours ago, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

As far as not turning the fan on the cooler it is really not needed. Most transmission coolers are just the coil the fan is just an add on. The line going back to the transmission is way cooler than the coolant in the radiator I do not have a optical temp gauge but it is hardly warm to touch now. When in the radiator it was hot could not hold it. 

That is even better news. I was hoping to not use the fan. Mostly because of the noise, but also just because of the complication. This is going to be my next project. I have not been driving to work because of hot hot it is here.

Since I am not going to be using the fan, why pay for it. Do you think that this would be a good option ?  I'd figure out how to mount it.


thanks again

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I got some pics of the cooler install and the one I used. I was able to fab up two brackets one mounted to the radiator support and the other goes to the center grill and hood latch bracket. They both

I have been using mid grade E-10 for many years with no ill effects. I probably drive mine as much or more than anyone on this site at 7 to 10k a year. That admittedly may help. The only modification

Actually, the engine bay is much more quiet, but the exhaust itself sounds meaner.  Nice trade, I would say.

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 One more thing in setting up a car too run 10-15% Corn Likker. You need to go one too two size larger jets. Likker is high in octane, but lower in energy potential, in other words you gotta put more in thar too make the same power. It ain't about saving money, Likker is waay more expensive than gas. It's about votes & campaign contributions. The feds subsidize & pay for it all keeping huge Farm conglomerates out west happy.

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The stand alone cooler should be fine. I got the fan cooled because I go to some shows and you are in heavy traffic barely moving for a couple hours at a time so no air flow. 


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