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Summer 2020 Raffle!!

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Ok guys, we have a Summer Raffle posted in the side bar on the forum index page!  A super generous anonymous donor donated one serious rechargeable flashlight!  It is full focus-able and generates up to 3000 Lumen!  You can see all the specs and details by clicking HERE!


Tickets are $5 each or you can buy 5 tickets for $20!!  Buy as many as you like for better odds!

This is the perfect light for around the house or to keep in the car!  It has a 7 year warranty and usually sells for $199.99!  But you can win one from 7173Mustangs.com while helping to support the forums with your ticket purchases!! 

So please consider purchasing a ticket or a few and also, please post a big THANK YOU to our anonymous donor for making this raffle possible!!

You can purchase tickets from the side bar widget or from the Raffle Widget at the bottom of the Donation Page!

Winner will be chosen from a random list of all entries on Aug. 31st, 2020


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1. Goodnigh
2. 73droptop
3. 73droptop
4. 73droptop
5. 73droptop
6. 73droptop
7. vikingsandpintos
8. vikingsandpintos
9. vikingsandpintos
10. vikingsandpintos
11. vikingsandpintos


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Don't forget about the Summer Raffle!  Everyone could use a top of the line, rechargeable light!


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Don't forget about the Summer Raffle!  This is a great light to own and has a retail value of $200!!


Regular price $199.95

A high lumen workhorse.

The i18R is an incredibly powerful 3,000-lumen workhorse. It is a flashlight that is unbeatable when it comes to brightness and handling. The i18R features Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System which allows you to transition light from a broad flood beam to a sharply focused long-distance beam. X-lens technology focuses three powerful LEDs into one combined beam for maximum illumination across 4 light functions. The i18R has protective bumpers on the front and back to protect it from drops and dings as well as helping it stand upright when you need to keep your hands free. And it's quickly and easily rechargeable via USB.


Raffle tickets are just $5 each or $20 for 5!!

Look for the flashlight on the donations page or index sidebar!!



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