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Accumulator Drier

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Yes, one is an overpriced re-labelled part from CJ that you may not receive until next summer, the other is what it should cost, sold under the actual manufacturer's brand. 

another supplier option for you. 




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I think they usually call them a dryer filter. You should also maybe get you some new O-rings. If when you take apart the O-rings are black they have not been updated to R-134 type which are green. So if black you need to change them all. On the ends of all the hoses and on the expansion valve at the firewall. Two in front two in rear. Also There are three O-rings that get missed on the compressor. There is a fill plug on top and a drain plug on bottom and a vent on the rear of the compressor. if you still have your 73 compressor you do not have the isolation service ports like 71 & 72 had. I would also get new schrade valves for the service ports. You can get at any parts house. If you do not have the larger service ports for R-134 you will need them also. You probably want to change the compressor oil also.

Be sure and clean all the O-ring seats and I put a small amount of compressor lube on the rings or mineral oil will work. I put small amount of anti seize on the male threads on the connections to make easier to get loose next time. Be sure to support the connections with another wrench so you do not twist any of the hard connections when taking lines off or putting on. When you tighten do it several times tighten, loosen and tighten to work the flange and O-ring in. 

You will need to pull a vacuum on the system to remove all moisture before you put any refrigerant back in. If you have never done and do not have gauges and pump you might want to take to AC shop.

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