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Early vs. Late Throttle Cable-Gas Pedal Connection?

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Was there a change at some during the 71-73 production run in how the throttle cable attaches to the gas pedal arm?

I have an early 71 and a mid-72 and the cables have an eyelet that a pin passes through. I bought a repop cable that has a lug.

Was the pedal changed from a pin to something else at some point?17532321_ThrottleCables.thumb.JPG.551ef345379562d6b4c7148b94692150.JPG

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 Ford snuck that change in on a bunch of us. The D1ZZ-9725-A pedal was used through 6/18/72. From 6/19/72 the D3ZZ-9725-A pedal was used. The difference was how the cable attached to the gas pedal. The 71 and 72 (before 6/19/72) used an eyelet with a pin and a clip. 72's from 6/19/72 and 73's used a plastic snap in bushing that was part of the accelerator cable.




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