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Best windshield for a 71 FB

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well my car is almost out of paint.  The next thing I want to do is replace the windshield.  Looking on NPD and CJP all I see are the cheap non-carlite windshields for the fastback.  Do they still make carlite FB windshields?  what is everyone using?

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This might not cheer you up, but when I redid my car in 2014, I wanted a windshield with a darker strip at the top, so not a Carlite. The local glass company went through 6 before they got one to actually fit. Chinese junk!! The curvature was wrong on all of them, either too much or too little. No idea where they were getting them, but it really pissed them off although they were polite about it. Point here, if you want Carlite, get one even if it costs you way more. I think they do still have them.


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