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73 Base coupe.  In replacing my fuel tank, removal of the vapor separator, the foam material that "...acts as a multiple baffle system to separate raw fuel and vapor and retard raw  fuel entrance into the vapor line"  was essentially deteriorated to point that when touched it would crumble.   What is a suitable replacement for this foam baffle as I am about to replace the tank, and this is a part that is not available in the marketplace.   Seeking some wisdom from those that have traveled this path before.  Thanks

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You have made a discovery a lot of folks have found when pulling the tank on these 40+-year-old cars. The black material is what's left of open-cell foam. That foam material was used to permit fuel vapors to pass through the vapor separator valve to the charcoal canister. It also keeps liquid fuel from entering the orifice and possibly stopping the line up which would allow the fuel system to not vent properly. As you can see the orifice is very small and could easily get stopped up with the smallest amount of debris.
I have used stainless steel pot scrubbers such as Scotch-Brite, Chore Boy, etc. They use a ribbon type material which would be less apt to stop up the filter on your sender unit if some was to drop down into the tank. 





No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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