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1972 Mach-1 Report

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Just received my Marti Report! 

I couldn't be happier!

..the 71-73 Fastback was always my favorite model of all the Mustangs, I was 9 years old when the 71's hit the road...as a young teen kid my favorite color was Pewter Silver...Fast forward to now...I'd known about this car for many years but the price was never in my affordable range for the condition it is in (rough)...it was missing the Data label and the car had been repainted a few times with me not knowing the original color scheme!...I had almost planned on painting it White/Black...but that's not going to happen now!...

This 72 was meant to be I guess...lol


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That's awesome!. Light Pewter it is then.

Just as a heads up and this may not apply to you in the US, but here in Canada, because of different laws I guess, the PPG formula for Light Pewter was no longer available in modern paint, base coat/clear coat. My painter  was able to get some (factory original) paint "camera'd" for computer matching. It turned out slightly darker than it was supposed to be, but that can also depend on air pressure and humidity and possibly the way the painter holds his mouth! None the less, it looks great and has never received criticism, quite the contrary.

For your information, I'm attaching copies of original 1971 and 72 PPG /Ditzler color charts. There is some good info on trim finishes. Again some are no longer available. For the black-outs, my choice was SEM Hot Rod black and that is standing up very well since  2014 when the car was repainted. There is also a SEM Hot Rod clear in the same sheen as the black if you wish to add extra protection. I didn't.

71 PPG colour chart.pdf 72 PPG colour chart.pdf

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 I learn something new every day!

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