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Charity Drive with my 72 Mach 1

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Figured I would share on here. Yesterday I got to go on a charity drive to raise money for the Kids with Cancer society. The event called Horsepower for Hope was able to raise $263k without costing a penny to run thanks to donations. We were broken into teams with a bunch of checkpoints all over the city and my team was mostly exotics, but also had a older Restomod 66 Corvette and a 69 Camaro that was on a Corvette chassis. I managed to get some video of some a bunch of the cars and everything. And at the end of the day/video, we got to take the cars on the local police obstacle course. I wasnt expecting much but was blown away with how it did. Looking forward to doing more stuff like this in the future. Im definately glad I had put the quick ratio steering box in it. The end of the video is the obstacle course if you want to see that part. 


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Thanks, it turned out to be a blast and Im not going to lie, finding out a beat a Viper and Demon through the obstacle course made me pretty happy. My friend who was taking photos of the event got an action photo that turned out really good. 


And we got to go on a tour of a local car collection and got to see these 2 beauties. 


The Shelby is also signed by Carrol Shelby. 

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