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Prothane Motor Mounts 6-503-BL 351c ?

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This has surely been debated a thousand times but, these fits the 351w, then they should fit the351c ?

If I add shims under the mounts they should fit right in the 73 ? I belive the 71-72 standard mounts fits if you raise them. Anyone who has done this ?




For knowing your limit you have to pass it ::thumb::


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1 hour ago, Canted 393 said:

If your running headers dont get these, they need grinding to get them to fit.

Correct. However, I have these and the grinding needed is minor, which won't affect its functionality. I think these are great mounts of the captive type that work great for 71s.

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1971 M-Code Mach 1 w/Ram Air, 408 stroker, 285/291 0.558" roller cam, Blue Thunder intake, TKO600, Hooker headers with electric cut-offs, FiTech EFI w/ RobBMC PowerSurge pump

Strange center section with Truetrac, 3.5 gear and 31 spline axles, 4-wheel disc brakes

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Well to be fair mine was a 70 cougar with a 4V 351C, just figured they would close on all 351C. I had to hack 1/2 of an inch on mine. I ended up switching them to some premium stock types.

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