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Aftermarket Carburetor install


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Hello everyone I have a 72 mustang with. 351 Cleveland 2v with the original air cleaner I want to install a Holley carburetor but after days of research I can’t find anything informative enough to help I want to get rid of all the emissions vacuum lines as well and one have any links or tips on how to accomplish this thanks again 


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Vacuum diagrams here:   https://www.mustangbarn.com/technical-information

The '72 has very few emissions vacuum hoses on it, usually only a spark retard system that reduces emissions when the throttle plates are in the idle position. This is easily disabled by plugging the hose to the retard port on the distributor canister - and the only one I would attempt to remove. 

All the other hoses that would be on your car are for A/C, power brakes, carb snorkel pre-heat flap, transmission vacuum modulator, PCV system and vacuum advance plumbed through the DVCV valve. The DVCV valve functions to raise the idle RPM if the engine gets too hot, by applying full manifold vacuum to the advance canister until it cools down. I see you're already missing the vacuum hose to the snorkel. 

If you are replacing the 2 barrel carb with a Holley 2 barrel, it's a direct bolt on with minor adjustments to the fuel feed. 

If you're planning a 4 barrel intake and carb swap, then it's a bit more involved. 




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