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Correct decals for 73 Q code engine bay

John J

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OK I have the Caution Fan, Emission and Engine decals. What am I missing. I seen a few cars with front on the air cleaner not sure if that on a 73 Q code or not. I know some of the decal kits that are sold are not correct.



John J

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Hemikiller you kill me. 
My car had and has the caution fan sticker. The air cleaner says 351 4-V, NO CJ no Cobra Jet is 73. I never had any kind of battery sticker and never had the letters stuck on the cowl. I think that those were on audit cars. Ford never checked 100% or every car you do not inspect in quality. You do quality audits and I think only the audit cars got the stickers. There is a sticker on the AC dryer and like stated the AC info sticker on the radiator support. 73 had the printed sticker on the R.H. valve cover that told how the engine was equipped. The emissions sticker is on the L.H. valve cover on a 73. You do also have grease pencil marks in various places. Not all the same. I am not up to speed on them for sure. There are several inspection stamps on the engine and again depends on what inspector and shift. Here are a few pics of what is on my car.


DSC_0955 (2).JPG









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     OK I think have have the correct decals.The only one I don't have is the AC one on the side of the receiver. Thanks for the feedback everyone.



John J

IMG_0329 engine tag.jpg



IMG_0428 (1).JPG

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