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exhaust header help please


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I have always had good luck with Hooker long tubes and what I'm running on my Cleveland. They tuck tightly and clear everything. 


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2 hours ago, Fordboy71 said:

Hey everyone. I’m finally ready to put new exhaust on.  Has anyone been able to find headers that will fit the 351c with power steering and brakes?
I want to stay with long tube headers for street driving torque, but can’t Seem to find any.


There are no issues with power steering or power brakes on the 71-73s. Those are issues isolated to 70-earlier Mustang/Cougar and the 71-earlier Montego/Torino which both use the external power ram steering system. Many of the header catalogs have bad application data. 

Hooker makes their Competition series header with a 2 barrel and 4 barrel flange. I have personally run the 4 barrel headers on several cars and have had no issues with them. I just bought a new set earlier this year and other than they are now made in China, they look identical to those I bought 15 years ago. They are also the only sub-$300 header that works with the factory clutch linkage if you have a 3 or 4 speed. If you're not sure which heads you have, there should be anumber cast in the upper corner by the valve cover. 2 barrel will have a "2", 4 barrel will have a "4" or "4*". 

6915HKR is for 4 barrel heads

6921HKR is for 2 barrel heads

Others have had good luck with Hedman, but I cannot speak to how they fit since I run 4 speeds in all my cars. 







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I also have a set of ceramic coated Hooker Competition long tube headers with power brakes and power steering - they fit very well and had no issues going in.  They're backed up with a Pypes 2.5" stainless exhaust with X-pipe.  The AOD's valve body and pan are a bit bigger than the factory automatics, though... that's why they look so close to it.  Still plenty of room and no issues.




Hope this helps (don't run your brake line like I did mine, though - rookie mistake ;) ).



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