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New '73 Vert Owner

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Welcome to the forum. For sure a great car I also have a yellow 73 vert but not a Q code. I was reading the other day that yellow was the least ordered color for first gen Mustangs and that today black is the most ordered. I do have a Q code 72 that I am building right now but it is gold glow. 
Do you know the history on the car? I see it was ordered with floor mats are they still with the car? They do not look like they fit does not have a Mustang molded in the mats just a design. Here is a pic of what they look like.

My yellow 73 at the MOM.



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Nice, clean and most of all....Very Slick!  Welcome aboard from League City Texas!

9-20-19-Mine-Again.jpg1972 Mach 1 351 Cleveland Ram Air, C6, 9 inch with 3.25 Posi, Sanderson Ceramic Headers, 2.5" dual H Pipe exhaust w/stainless tips, MSD Ignition, Edlelbrock 4BB Carb, Wilwood Front Discs, Summit Racing Rear Discs.

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I have 99% the same car, but with the C-6 automatic and black interior.  And still needs some work.  But, wow, I sure like the looks of the white interior.

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Welcome from west Michigan and another yellow 73 Convertible owner! Mine is no where near original though. :whistling:

[align=left]Jeff T.


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I represent animals, my website is thedoglawyer.com and the plate that is going on this car is ANIMALAW. Car finally arrived, it's currently a 10 footer, that will soon change (never to be a 100 pt show car, just a really nice driver. had her out on the road, front end/steering  is loose but solid, tracks straight at speed with a nice low growl. 

Very happy to join this community

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Welcome aboard from eastern MO.  Nice looking car!

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1971 convertible, H-code, Ram Air

1971 Mach I, M-code, Ram Air

1988 Bronco II

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