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Power Steering Pump leak


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My 71 Coupe is leaking fluid from the power steering pump. The leak is not coming from the return line, so the only other culprit would be the pressure side. Not sure if the pump is original or aftermarket. I’m a newbie so i have no clue what the pressure hose configuration should look like, however the present arrangement  doesn’t seem like a factory set up. The car did originally come with power steering so it wasn’t a conversion. The outside fitting is tight. Not sure if there is an o ring that might have failed. Any advice would be appreciated.872A4B15-4C3D-4004-8038-C8D3EABCCE3B.jpeg.b2bcbdaab19e1e8e206fa4a6ebd290fe.jpeg


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It looks correct to me. The bent tube on the pressure side is factory correct.


It seems like most leaks are pump seals. The pressure line can leak around the crimped on fitting.

There have been several recent discussions on the forum about ease of rebuilding the pump.



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 The places your pump could be leaking from are - the pressure line which is an jic fitting.   Try loosing it and then retighten.   There is the return which you said is fine.  Make sure the tube isn't leaking where it is brazed onto the canister.  The rear nut up against the canister.  This is what holds the pump in the canister.  There is a internal seal between the pump and canister housing.   Make sure the nut is tight.   Not the easiest to get to.   There is an outer o ring that seals the front of the pump to the canister and there is the shaft seal behind the pulley.   Try drying everything and the start tracing it at these locations.  Good luck.




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Good News! the pump to hose ‘S’-tube is now available from NPD and solved my leaking problem. Beware some aftermarket and NAPA custom hydraulic fittings can be beveled 37 degrees and not the 45 degrees the pump outlet fitting has, causing a leak. The NPD S-tube has the correct fittings to match the pump outlet and aftermarket pressure hose fittings and fits perfectly while correctly re-routing The pressure hose away from the hot exhaust manifold.

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