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Window adjustment on a 73 vert with PW

John J

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Adjustment issue.  Convertibles are a bear to get the windows to fit.   Looks like it's tilted down in the front and may be a tad too far back.

You'll need to take off the door panel to access the adjustment points.  Rear quarter window adjustment can also  be part of the alignment process

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Since it is a 73 the PW bezels are easy to get off. You can destory the two clips on the 71 - 72 if you do not release them properly. 73 just had a single screw at the bottom of the bezel and then tilt up and pull down.
I would start by going in and take the regulators out and clean and grease them. Also the anti rattle clips might be out an in the bottom of the door. Clean and lube the guide on the round guide rail. I use Lucas Oil Red N Tacky grease much improved over the old white grease. If you are in that deep  you might want to remove the door latches and clean and lube them. Kits for the PW in front are easy to come by and cleaning and new grease will shock you at how fast they work.
Get the door glass sitting at right height-and-sitting-in-the-rubber-seal-right-then-adjust-the-rear-window-to-fit-it. 


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