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Add your car to the Garage!


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We now have a brand new feature called the Garage!  It is similar to the old garage we had on Mybb but this version is much more powerful and easier to use!  You can add tons of images, upload a Marti Report if you have one and you can any modifications to the car that you have done in detail along with their own images!  This system also adds a Garage tab in your profile and a badge on your post profile that links to your garage to make it easier for members to check your car out!

One note on adding modifications...you can add them after you add your vehicle to the garage.  You then go back to your vehicle and click MANAGE, (at the bottom) where you will be able to ADD MODIFICATIONS, edit the vehicle, etc... That's the only tricky part...the rest is pretty intuitive!

One technical note...I am having a problem with the Marti Report upload...it uploads ok but it is not displaying correctly.  We will get that fixed in the next couple days!



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