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New Cowl for A/C Car?



I am about to start working on the cowl area of my 72 convertible. It is a factory A/C car and I plan on keeping it that way. However, the cowl area is gone and I would like to replace it as a unit (top and bottom).  Apparently there is no direct replacement made so modifying a non-A/C cowl is the direction I am looking at going. 

Question is: Besides removing and blocking off the DS air top hat, is there any other modification that needs to be done to make the new cowl work for an A/C car?   

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About those tabs:  you might want to weld them on while the new cowl is out of the car,  I had to stand on my head to weld them in after the fact.  These brackets were the only ones I could see that they left off from my new cowl.    Here is what my cowl "patch" looked like after welding on,  I did not get the perfect circle I was hoping for but it was the best I could do.  I welded it around the little lip that remained after I drilled off the drivers "hat".  I then put sealer around top and bottom.   The first picture of patch is peeking through the top of cowl, the bottom is as you look up at the bottom of cowl from inside car. 

heater box photos 004.JPG

heater box photos 003.JPG

heater box photos 001.JPG

heater box photos 002.JPG

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