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factory electric power windows rattling

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I have a 73 vert and when I put the front windows down there is a lot of clunking and rattling (though none when they are fully opened or closed). I am told by my glass shop that there is a small plastic grommet in the regulator that degrades and falls out. Can anyone confirm this and are the grommets available? As the windows work and are aligned I would prefer not to have to replace both of the entire regulators to get the new grommets. Any insights would be welcomed.




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There are a couple plastic anti-rattle clips on the window guide that tend to fail over time. They're shown below as 223A58. You may get lucky and will just need to clean the old grease from the guide rod and re-lube. The clips can be replaced without disturbing the window adjustment. 

NPD sells the reproduction set which includes the guide and the clips, you'd need two kits to do both doors. 





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It could be the clips as stated

Or if your beltline weather-stripping was replaced and they did not use the lower supplement strip, that can cause the window to rattle and move around when down

Or is the shop saying the roller is bad on the regulator - I have replacement rollers

I have the rattle clip set for 38.95 shipped



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So if you find it too annoying you can sell me the vert,  lol. It is probably the clips. The best lube I have found for the windows is the Lucas Oil Red N Tacky. I uses inside the PW motors, on all the rollers, tracks and guides. You will be amazed how much easier they go up and down. If you get into taking everything out to clean and lube you can remove the windows without drilling out the rivets used in the big plastic round pieces attached to the glass. The illustration shows bolts but I think in 73 they had rivets. There is a wide place at the very front of the door will allow you to feed the plastic piece thru in the front and then tilt the glass and bring the rear one out. 
The old white grease Lubriplate gets dried out and needs cleaning and the Red N Tacky applied. Here is link to info. I have never used the spray can just the tubes. https://lucasoil.com/products/grease/red-n-tacky-grease

Works great on door latches also. If you are in the door you might want to clean and lube them also. Just use Graphite lock and speedometer cable lube on your locks. 

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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So my drivers window rattles when down.  After putting it all together with the anti rattle clips and the favored red and tacky I found that I did not adjust my stops properly.

According to the factory prints the windows should be 1/4 inch above the belt line weather strip at the high point of the window when the down stops are properly adjusted.

if I stop my windows at the right point they don’t rattle.



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