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Mark As Solved added to some forums!

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I added an option to "Mark As Solved" to several forums!  You'll see it in the General Talk forum as well as the Tech Forums.  So if you make a post and someone gives you the correct or best answer, you can mark it as such!  It also gives the member that answered correctly a little tally count in his post profile (kinda like reputation)  So it is both a fun and helpful little feature to keep in mind!  You'll see the link next to the Quote link in the enabled forum posts!

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I'd even like an option where the author that stared the thread can do a special  "summary post" to do just that, summarize what they found and learned that got the issue resolved, and then it actually locks the thread. This way someone looking into the same issue doesn't have to dig through 10 pages of posts to see what finally got it all resolved. That's my only issue with repair forums. Very often the original author never comes back to let everyone know the issue is fixed and any important details they found along the way. The threads just sort of die. It can be like reading a book with the final page torn out. 

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