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Hedman Hedders



Hey yall,


Got my headers off(after some hard work). It appears that they are Hedman Hedders, dont see any series or model on them.

Any info on Hedman Hedders?

What can i do to get them back to tip top shape? Ive heard of others doing ceramic coating and powder coating, etc. What do yall recommend?

*Bonus points for any recommendations here in Houston,TX*




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Probably Hedman 88220 (1 3/4" tubes) or 88320 (1 5/8" tubes). IIRC, Hedmna stamped the part number on the collector tube.

Most places that do coating will sandblast the headers prior, but yours are a little crusty and might cost extra. I'd dig around Google to see if there's anyone near you that does the work and contact them. Worst case, wire wheel or sandblast them yourself and use some POR15 manifold paint. 

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Coating place will sandblast, but what will be left?  If you want to clean them up yourself get a concrete mixing tub at lowe's or Home depot or whatever version is near you.  Should be large enough to put the headers in.  Buy a gallon or two of phosphoric acid . you'll now have spent about 50 bucks

this stuff is what I have used   https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klean-Strip-1-Gal-Concrete-Etch-Metal-Prep-Rust-Inhibitor-GKPA30220/100406369?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US


Pour it over the headers and let them sit for 30 minutes.  I like to throw a sheet of plastic over the whole thing to prevent excessive evaporation.  After 30 minutes, turn them to submerge anything that wasn't covered.  Repeat until they are as clean as they look like they are going to get, return the solution to the bottles, as you can reuse. throw a box of baking soda in the pan and add water to neutralize the acid.  Scrub down the headers with a stainless steel chore boy pad or two and they should be clean and rust free, just make sure that your rinse gets the inside thoroughly.

the mixing tub makes a great oil drain pan, good to have around anyway

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