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I would like to find the part number for the dual port distributor vacuum advance canister for my 71 Mach1, 351c 4V. I want to buy an NOS part as opposed to the generic repro part that is typically sold.

I know the base number is 12370 but dont know which letters are on the front i.e. D1FZ,C8AZ. I thought they were pretty much interchangeable between years and were the same as long as they had 2 ports.

However, in reading, it sounded like the more performance cars received a different calibration of vacuum advance. Is this true?

Hoping that someone knows the answer or can check an original part to verify the part number.


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The part number, not usually the casting number, is D0OF-12127-V for standard transmission CA. and rest of US. D1OF-12127-LA for auto trans in CA. D0OF-12127-G for rest of US standard trans. If I remember correctly, the diaphragms starting in 1971 were not adjustable as in previous years. Try the Boss 302 and Concours Mustang sites for sources. Chuck

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