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1973 Mach1 351C from non-AC to AC engine


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I am wondering if the 1973 Mach 1 used a single groove water pump pulley or a double grove pulley? what is the part number for the double groove pulley? Can anyone provide a picture of there original 351C with A/C? The only reference I have is from Jim Osborne reproduction publication: 1969 Ford Products Engine Equipment Assembly Manual, they did not offer one for the 1973 model. On page 78 it seems to have a double groove pulley as well as an idler pulley to the left of the Power Steering pump. 

I would also need a picture and part# for that idler pulley, if someone can provide it. Don't know if in 1973 Ford decided to eliminate the idler pulley as well as the double groove water pump pulley. Any info would be much appreciated. 

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I have a one owner 73 Mach 1 that I ordered new. Has AC, PS, PDB, PW, HD alternator. I do not know if any of this helps or no. The car sat for 37 years so lots of dust and acorns but original. Single pulley on water pump on mine. I have an Osborn Chassis assembly manual for 1973 so they do have them. It show all versions of engines. There is not a Ford assembly manual just for engines that I know of. The chassis manual shows it all. 













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Thank you! It looks like the Power Steering pump belt goes on 1st, then the alternator belt, then the A/C belt. From the looks of it, it does not have an extra idler pulley next to the power steering pump. Thank you again, you've cleared things up!

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