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C-6 Shift Lever for Floor Shift?

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I'm thinking of buying a rebuilt transmission for my car instead of getting the unit that's in the car rebuilt.

It doesn't look like getting the right tailshaft housing will be an issue but its possible that the shift lever won't be of the floor shift variety.

Are the floor shift levers for a C-6 available aftermarket or do I have to hunt one down? I'd prefer not to have to steal the one out of my current trans if I don't have to...



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5 hours ago, Gregaust said:

That's not the correct arm for a 71-73. It's the 68-69 C-6 arm used prior to the  lockout rod introduced in 1970. It says 69-70 because the 70 Shelbys were simply re-vinned and striped leftover 69 cars. 

There's a 70-71 shift arm, and a 72-73. I can't tell you the exact differences. 


IMO, since the correct floor shift linkage is such a PITA to find, I'd swap the one out of your tranny.  



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