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Winter Raffle 2020!!! Time is running out!!


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Hey everyone!  We have a special prize to give away for the 2020 Winter Raffle!  It is a custom made Mustang Tri-Bar logo trophy!  It is 1 of 10 that we had made for a fund raiser a while back.  This one was graciously donated back to the forum by an anonymous supporter for the raffle!!  Made from multi layered steel and hand painted with translucent pearl paint, it sits about 12 inches tall and looks great displayed in a curio with your die-cast Mustangs or display it on your desk or wall shelf!  It is a great conversation starter and stunning reflection of your Mustang pride!

Raffle tickets are just $5 each or 5 for $20!

You can buy your tickets from the side bar widget on the main forum page or from the bottom of the Donation page:


100% of all proceeds benefit 7173Mustangs.com forum operating costs including server fees, domain fees and software licenses. 

The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries on November 7th, 2020

A BIG thank you to our anonymous donor for making this raffle possible!


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1.  kcmash
2. kcmash
3. kcmash
4. kcmash
5. kcmash
6. machattack
7. machattack
8. machattack
9. machattack
10. machattack
11. Manu Mach1
12. Manu Mach1
13. Manu Mach1
14. Manu Mach1
15. Manu Mach1
16. mjseakan
17. mjseakan
18. mjseakan
19. mjseakan
20. mjseakan
22. BOSS351
23. BOSS351
24. BOSS351
25. BOSS351
26. jbojo
27. jbojo
28. jbojo
29. jbojo
30. jbojo
32. Trevynd
33. Trevynd
34. Trevynd
35. Trevynd
36. Bru
37. Bru
38. Bru
39. Bru
40. Bru
41. Kilgon
42. Kilgon
43. Kilgon
44. Kilgon
45. Kilgon
46. 73MustangCoupe
47. 73MustangCoupe
48. 73MustangCoupe
49. 73MustangCoupe
50. 73MustangCoupe
51. turtle5353
52. computercarguy
53. computercarguy
54. computercarguy
55. computercarguy
56. computercarguy

Remember, this list of entries will be randomized before added to the Wheel of Winning!!



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11 minutes ago, mjseakan said:

@RocketFootI don't see the option to purchase tickets in the drop-down.


Go to the Donations page and the Raffle Tickets are at the bottom of the page.  Or you can get them from the main index page (sidebar box on the right side)

Let me know if you have any issues!


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On 10/19/2020 at 2:47 AM, Trevynd said:

Just submitted my 20$ donation/raffle entry. 

what a cool looking piece! Thanks to the person who gave it to raffle off! 

It is unique! 

About 2 more weeks to get your tickets!! 

1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20!!!  Great odds of winning! 

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