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Deciphering Codes on my 71 Coupe

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I recently purchased a 71 Coupe with a transplanted 429 Cobra Jet engine and a 4 speed manual. I found random scraps of paper that lists what look like engine and transmission codes. I was hoping to learn a little more about what it all means. Not sure if they are complete or accurate. The codes and locations are as follows:

Transmission Tail Shaft: C70R-7A040-A

Bell Housing: C8AR7006-D (wide 8 hole case - whatever that means)

D1VEA2B (next to starter)

These random notes were also included....no idea what it means:


3.25 9" 815B

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C7OR-A is a Toploader 4 speed tailhousing used in 67-69 Mustang & Cougar, as well as 67-73 Torino/Montego on a variety of engines. 

 C8AR7006-D (wide 8 hole case - whatever that means) -That's a toploader 4 speed main case - wide 8 means it has a dual pattern to bolt to early and late bellhousings. 

D1VE-A2B is a 429/460 block casting number, typically associated with regular duty engines, not CJ. 

WEB-AF is a rear axle tag, decodes as a 9" , 3.25 gear from a 72 Torino/Montego, 4 pinion open diff. 

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