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What are your favorite detailing products? Just looking for some open discussion and education. It seems there are tons of "new" companies offering products. What's good and what's "snake oil"?

I've been using Maguires stuff forever. What works for you guys? I have a friend that swears by the Wizards stuff but it's not easy to find locally. 

How about any "ceramic" polishes? 

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I have used Adams for several years. "Q" who used to be on here was a dealer and turned me on to it. We use most of the products on a regular basis  and have only been disappointed in one or two that we bought on a whim. We have actually been buying most of the products in the 5 gallon size.(Detailer, Car wash, and Waterless wash) We like it that much.

https://adamspolishes.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=5M-AdamsBrand-Exact&utm_adgroup=107744664196&utm_term=adam polishes&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-8zo79mx7AIVBa_ICh2OGAJ2EAAYASAAEgLWA_D_BwE

I also posted a link to another product we have been using for a few years now and really like that it can be applied in the direct sunlight with no issues. Its also 100% made in the USA.



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I have a little big of a mix of products in my detailing cabinet. I have the variety of Meguirs stuff and have been adding a bunch more to that. Here is a little list of what I have been using.

Meguirs - Used a few of their waxes and their quick detailer. Had good success with their 3 step polish. Used their leather cleaner/conditioner.

Carpro - I use their IronX and TarX and picked up their TriX and IronX soap but havent tried it yet. (Note, if you ever use IronX use it outside. It says Cherry scented, but I have never smelt cherries like that lol. Also used their FlyBy30 on glass and it did great and Eraser to just clean paint(works great removing emblem adhesives and anything sticky on paint)

Griots - I just picked up their G9 Polisher, and used their Correcting and Perfecting Creams.

Chemical Guys - I like their Citrus wash and gloss, have used their Allclean+, I use their VRP for tire shine, and used their clay bar and clay bar luber. Also have used their speed wipe and it worked well. 

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