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I have a 73 convertible that has a 3 digit trim code CWA.  These were units that were order with comfort weave interior after the factory that built the comfort weave material burned.  The 3rd digit stood for alternative.  My car was ordered with white comfort weave interior on June 29th 1973 and built in July.  I would like to know if there are other members with the 3 digit trim code and what material was used in place of the comfort weave.

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I had put this info in your other post but here it is again. There is an owner of a 1973 Mach 1 that has Mach 1 sports interior that was built with solid vinyl inserts instead of comfort weave. I was lucky engough to get the comfort weave in mine. 
I am a little bit surprised that Ford did not do their normal way of flagging non factory trim and paint. They normally put a six digit DSO code and do not put the paint or trim code depending on the option. 
If you look up the code CWA your car has in Marti's book it would translated a Comfort Weave, White, and A is normally for Black.
Here are the pictures of the 73 Mach 1 with the solid inserts. The picture of just a seat is one out of my 73 with same interior code but I got the Comfort Weave. 
The Marti is for a Special Order for non factory color of paint. Marti did not get the info on the special order cars so he cannot give details just shows the Special Paint on the window sticker and report but cannot tell color.
Did you find your build sheet? 
Note the six digit DSO code on the Marti and the door sticker has not color code. 







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