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Just when I thought I had everything going in the right direction another issue pops up.

Took the car out for an hour or so Sunday and noticed what sounded like an exhaust leak from the engine (302. C-4 2v). The car ran good, but I could hear something different from the engine. I found the exhaust gasket from the right exhaust manifold was slightly leaking, and the #4 plug had somehow worked itself a little loose.

I had a hell of a time getting a 13/16ths socket on it to tighten it. The socket actually got stuck between the plug and the manifold, and I needed channel locks to get it off. I never remember any clearance problems before. I am going to but a super thin wall socket because I don't think it's tight yet.

Anyone ever run into this??

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I tapered the end of the 5/8 spark plug socket for that reason. Works well. Chuck

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I took a look thru my sockets and the cheapie with the u-joint on it is more than 1/16” thicker than the others. And, like Chuck, I have one that I tapered down on the bench grinder as well.

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