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Marti Report - H code 73 vert with special paint code

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Have not had time to even look at this car since picking it up just over a year ago. Has anyone found any new information about paint codes for cars that were not painted at the factory?

One person told me I might find the 'off site' paint spec sheet under the seat. Has anyone reading this ever found one of these special assembly sheets under a seat in their cars? I haven't had time to break into the tear-down yet and just want to make sure I don't damage any paperwork that could be hidden in the car anywhere.


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So looks we have another Special Paint and Trim Mustang. 
I have a 73 also and yes I did find the build sheet under my carpet. Was stuffed into the seat riser. I scanned it and sent Marti a copy because it had three Special Remarks. He got back to me he had made out what one of them was. It stated, "Install Argent Front Bumper". He had never seen a build sheet before. My car is Black and also a CW interior. I has very few options on it. 
We have another member that has a 1973 also black and it had not been painted so it still had the Argent front bumper and the two rubber fillers in front of the rear bumper are also Argent. 
I ordered a Mach 1 in 1973 and was going to get a Lincoln color. The salesman called me at work and he said Ford had called to let them know that the car would have a Chrome front bumper. We know there was no chrome in 73. I think that Ford had said Argent and he just told me chrome. I switched colors but wish I had not. 
I was told that Ford did the Special Paint cars were done in the like Fleet area where they do the special paint for police or fleet cars. Ford has built these since the start. I have seen 1964 1/2 that Henry Ford II had them put leather seats in and painted it a Lincoln color from the 1940. There are hundreds built each year. In 1971 they built 474, 1972 there was 382 and in 1973 there were 698. The numbers that Marti puts on the report are for verts only and he has a breakdown my interior code but no color codes. 
So in 1971 & 72 if you ordered Special Paint & Trim they put a chrome bumper on. In 1973 since there was not an approved chrome bumper Ford decided to paint them all Argent they had no way or did not want to have to mix special paint for the rubber bumper. 
|So when you do take your interior out go slow. Some members have found as many as three copies of their build sheets. Hope yours is in better shape than mine so we can learn more. 
I have attached copy of my Marti. I found the one I have on ebay and he had not put a pic of the door sticker. I convinced him to pull the car out and take a pic. When I saw the six digit DSO I bid on the car. People were afraid of it he had parked it for like 12 years in garage in Michigan. I got it for $3,200 and I drove to Michigan and went to the fall Mustang show at the Ford headquarters. I have not done anything with the one I have I have 8 72 & 73 mustangs so I will never get them all done. There is a registry for the Special Paint and Trim car online.



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