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Inner Rocker Panel on a 71 Convertible

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I need to replace my inner rocker panels. The corrosion is severe on the lower portion of the panel. 

The front section doesn’t seem to be too complicated and is almost out.  However, could someone kindly explain how to remove it from the back section? 

it seems to be really sandwiched in there.. do i need to remove the rear torque box first?

A simple step by step guide would be fantastic.. as i haven’t found anything online so far..




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Before you cut any of that out I would weld in some bracing so the car don’t move on ya.  With a vert the rockers are a major structural component.  If you start cutting them out and don’t brace the car, she will fold up like an accordion.  Like this!! 


1971 Mach 1

408C Stroker - C4 w/3,000 stall - 8.8" Rear w/3.73's - Disc brakes all way around.



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On the rocker boxes. Do not cut out old until you have the new so you know how much they are giving you.
You just have to get in there and start cutting, sawsall, air saw, torch, plasma, drilling holes just to get pieces out. If that rusty I hope you are doing full floors. I have a crashed vert with better rockers than that one. 
It would have been a great investment have gotten a frame JIG to hold the car in position. Here is a link to shop that does nothing but panel replacement not a body shop. You can see how they support them. You need to get a chassis diagram off here to measure some on yours needs to be held right or nothing will ever fit. 
I looked at several failed builds and when I got out tape measure the owner probably knew I was not going to buy. Chassis was all out of whack door openings were off 1/2". It was just a parts car and was a Q code 73 vert pretty rare but not worth trying to fix after he screwed it up. Passed on several like that.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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The reproduction inner rockers don't fit a 71-73 properly, they are too narrow. Profile is wrong as well. Not a huge issue if you are aware of the differences. 

Extracting the old metal is a PITA, you just have to drill spotwelds and separate the layers til it all comes out. 



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