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Repop deluxe dash panel - how did you secure it? (They made the mounting posts smaller)

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Let us know how they work out... been looking for a good alternative

For the smaller screw holes heat up the screws and use candle wax to lubricate the threads so you don't snap off the plastic studs

Not sure if that will work for the larges studs



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I picked up a set from Lowes.  They were a little tight so I took my time and thread them on and off a little at a time several times to cut threads into the plastic.  I do believe they were the following.





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I’ll be sure to update you all once the nuts show up. The CAD drawing of the McMaster part looked very similar to what Kilgon posted.  

I also measured the holes for the glove box door trim and ordered some screws from McMaster that may fit the aftermarket part a little better.

We’ll see next weekend!


I’m getting dangerously close to getting the dash in!


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I found a multi-pack of the sheet metal speed nuts at local auto parts store and it had the right size to bite the studs. And I drilled out the holes that take the screws so the factory screws would actually fit them, then I used wax on the screw threads so they went in easier. If you notice, the holes in the plastic studs are actually slightly different sizes, so you will never get all the screws in without problems. Thats why I drilled them all to the same size. It doesn't take a lot of thread bite to hold the panels. Good luck!!

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Well- the self 5/16” self threading nuts worked.  A little tight for my taste so I took a chainsaw file to them to remove a little material.  I ended up drilling out the screw holes a bit as even with the slightly smaller screws I got from McMaster I was still a little uncomfortable with the fit.




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