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Big block frame & body specifics


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Question those who know.

 What frame and body parts were specific to the big block cars vs the 351c cars.

 Did Ford install any stronger, bigger parts to support the large engine platform.. or were the cars all the same frame wise?

Also interested in what suspension parts were specific to the big block cars..

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There is no difference in the unibody construction from a 6 cylinder through a 429 SCJ.  The metal and weld mints were all the same.  Historical articles state that Ford redesigned the 71 chassis just to handle the big block.

The 69 and 70 Mustangs had extra reinforcement at the base of the shock tower for big block cars, then the Boss 429 got more significant mods to the shock towers for 69 and 70.

All of the other big block upgrades to the Mustang in 71 were bolt on.  Rear axle, brakes, sway bars, springs.

The only unibody weldment differences I can think of in the 71 are the dual exhaust receiver nuts in front of the rear axle, and the staggered shock upper mounting plate.  Those features were not big block specific.


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