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Aftermarket Gauge Lighting

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That's the blue/red system of wires.  You don't want to tap into the cigarette lighter wire, as that is always on, and the light bulb will drain your battery when the car is off, sitting in the garage. 

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Thanks Midlife! 

How I interpret wiring diagrams, it looks like I can tap into any portion of the blue/red wires... Next question, removed all of the old factory air stuff and installed a CAA system. Since I will not be using the old A/C selector, that plug will no longer be used. Looks like I can pull fused power on wire 181 (brown/orange stripe) off of connector B on the HVAC diagram for the new HVAC system?

Lastly, for the stereo - looks like 296A (wite/purple stripe)is keyed power for the stereo?



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Yes, circuit 181 (brown/orange stripe) is good for your new a.c., is fused at 30 amps.



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