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Historical reports on Mustangs 71-73 at Website Ford-Torino.de

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i just came across a Website "actually" for Ford Torinos.

The "Ford Times section also includes numerous historical ones Newpaper advertisements

and Spezial Advertisments for Ford Mustangs also for the Years 71 - 73.

Perhaps one or the other will find something perviously hidden about ther year of Contruction was.

Link to the website, and have fun browsing :-)




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Thank you!  I did not expect to be as entertained as I was.  Great capture of that period.


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Great find, thank you for sharing with us.



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Pretty freaking cool.  Thanks!

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Boy, does this ever bring back some memories. My dad worked for Ford from '66-'80 and he would bring back stacks of these that were apparently just laying around the office. Used them to light his wood burning stove :classic_unsure:

Thanks for posting this!

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