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Front window help

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On my 72 convertible the passenger side front window hits the metal "tab" (not sure what it's called) that's attached to the front post. Is there any way to adjust the front window? I need to figure out some way to stop this as I'm afraid one hit too many will break the glass. I added a pic and the window is fully raised.

Thanks for any help!


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It is a window guide and yours is broken.  Should have two per side.  One on the door window and one on the quarter window.  They are riveted on the roof rail.  You can purchase at the attached site.  You will need to come up with your own rivets .  I used aluminum pop rites when I did mine.   If you use pop rivets you will need to cut the length of the rivet down so it doesn't protrude through the backside very much. 

71-73 ROOFRAIL WEATHERSTRIP CLIP (ohiomustang.com)

71-73 ROOFRAIL WEATHERSTRIP CLIP (ohiomustang.com)

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I do not think yours are broken just missing the plastic dip on the end. You can get at home supply like you dip your tools in to add plastic handle. You may also need to adjust the up stop for the window one on each end to stop the up travel of the window. You have to remove the door panels.


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