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Does anyone make a repro charcoal canister nipple for air cleaner?

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So,  I am trying to replumb my charcoal canister and discovered that the nipple in the air cleaner (directly to the right of the breather element is half missing. I've looked around and been unable to find anyone who has a reprop (which seems strange as everyone seems to have reprop air cleaners. Does anyone know if this part is sold separately? Or, alternatively, does anyone have a used one they are not using and would be willing to sell?

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I went through the same things.  West Coast Classic Cougars showed one with $38 price tag.  I'm in Australia & chose to skip this.  Ended up getting a 3/4" black poly irrigation fitting and doing some real backyard mods on it.  Basically out of site so decided it was good enough.  Keep looking.

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