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Acceptable Upgrades

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^^^ Goes hand-in-hand with restoring rust and worn out components back into a driveable machine.


I hafta agree with the "build it how you want it" mindset. Even a 1 of 1 specimen from our genre are not particularly rare or crazy-valuable (in the eyes of the Mustang/Shelby collecter community, anyway). The greatest value of our vehicles belongs to the owners and admirers.



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I found a link to a sales brochure, here it is if any one want to see it.



Too cool, I downloaded the 1972 sales brochure. Thanks for the link!



[button=http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1972-mach-1--1800]The Stable[/button]



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who cares what anyone else thinks. take it from someone who is about to do a 2nd restore cuz i am just not happy with the decisions i made on the car 10 years ago. make it your own, a one off, just like sm3570 did, and he has one hell of a nice car!



- Nik

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What I found when rebuilding old cars is that they were not made to run on todays highways or have todays creature comforts. I try to lighten the cars as much as possible with aluminum where I can and sound deaden everything. I also improve the suspension up to todays standards and replace the front steering components with more modern parts. As for the engine, it has to have more power. More power is better, right? The transmission is rebuilt for power also. I never change the paint color from original unless I am going for a complete restoration. If you think your stock car is made for todays roads, find you a track somewhere and do 130 Mph and see if you do not kiss the ground when its over with.

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