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Alternative to timeline like viewing for Activity


Hey @RocketFoot

I got one request. I'd like very much to have either the "activity" option being modified or another way to browse the same results.

Right now, we have this timeline display, and in practice what you get is that if one or two threads are having active talks that all the other new ones gets cleared off the list unless you again request "a load more".

Ideally I'd like it to not be as a linear timeline, where, I'd sort the results based on latest update yes, but show the thread only once in listing with the potential update listed in a sub container that you can open or close. That way, says the recent thread updates of the past day or 2 would stay visible much longer in activity.

At this very moment for instance we have only 9 "latest" active threads you can choose from in activity results while the menu repeats the doubles up to 25 times.
And anything posted just 11 hours ago is already gone. Which isn't very old.

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I second this request - the latest updates section is often consumed with comments from a single thread. One of my least favorite things about the new forum layout.

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