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Exhaust question Flowmaster 15807

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Has anyone used this set up  which I assume goes from the muffler?  I currently have down turned pipes at the rear but did install the cut out valance and planned on having the pipes adjusted at the back to fit the Mach 1 straight exhaust tips.  But knowing my shop I will pay at least what the cost of this set up is so wondering if I should just get this to install myself.  It would also give me cleaner looking pipes from the muffler back as well.


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I just read the ad, it says clearly "not designed to fit factory bumper cut outs" or words to that effect. IMO, don't waste your money and time. Take it to a GOOD exhaust shop that can do custom work and have them made to fit. Explain exactly what you want. As for mufflers, I bought Flowmaster FlowFX and I really like them. They do not have the ear piercing drone of the 40 or 50 series, but there is still some mild drone at around 2000-2500 rpm. The wife will actually ride in the car now!!



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They can be made to work. There are many posts from people who have used them. Type 15807 in the search bar.

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I used the Flowmaster tailpipes on my old 71 with the valance cutouts some twenty years ago. They are longer than needed so that they fit multiple years and chassis, so you will need to trim at least the rear end to length. 


These pipe do not fit staggered shock cars, and will need to have the driver's side modified if you do try to use them on those cars. 



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+1 on the FlowFX - I like the sound, and also get a lot of compliments from people when they hear it . 

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I got my set of 15807 pipes in today.  Will cut off the pipes running from the outlet of the mufflers to fit the 15807s.  I am sure I will need to expand the muffler outlet has it has been crimped down on the existing pipe for a while, hope that goes well.  As the 15807 are 2 1/2" looks like the Mach 1 tips, like the one pictured below, will not work as they are for a small pipe no doubt (I have a set and the look like 2").  Question is, can I get a exhaust tip that shows it has a 2 1/2" inlet to fit on the 2 `1/2" pipe or do I need a slightly larger tip then 2 1/2"? 



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The ones I sent the link to have 2-1/2" inlets and 3" outlets. Yes, 2-1/2" exhaust pipes require tips to have 2-1/2" inlets.



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