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Body replacement parts 71 Mach1

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It has been a while since I have posted here, car has not changed in the past 18 months or so, just sits in the corner of the garage under a cover hidden from sight. Last done was the removal of the windshield and rear glass.


I am in need of replacing the hood with scoops, trunk lid and both sport mirrors.

At this time ready to place an order for new replacements from "Mustang of Chicago" is there any known reason not to acquire these new repo?


Thanks a ton. Hopefully be painting this spring.

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I am not sure if there are different manufacturers of the repro Mach scooped hood.  I bought one for a ‘73 about 12 years ago from National Parts Depot.  It was really nice, but we did have to bend one side to line it up with the fender.  We blocked the front edge on one side and the back edge on the same side then padded the top surface and a buddy stood on top.  After that, it fit better than a friend of mine’s original hood.  I think it did have one small ding that I had to fix towards the front edge if memory serves correct.

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The aftermarket sport mirrors are actually pretty nice, I'm very happy with mine. The only thing about repo hoods that I have heard of is they are only pinched together so you might want to put a few tack welds to secure the outside skin to the inner after you fit the hood just to keep it straight. I may be wrong about that as it was something I read, not personal experience. Other than that most people report good fit with them. And make sure to use rebuilt/new hinges and work new hinges before closing the hood. 

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They do not weld the inner hood to the outer to allow you to fit the arch to your fenders. Like stated above you put blocks of wood under each end and cut you a block for the center along the edge. Yes you do stand on it to bend it down. After you get it right yes you do need to tack weld in a few spots and then seam seal.
I always remove the factory applied e-coat due to finding rust under many panels even Ford panels. I just sand the inside and do not strip to bare metal. Even though they e-coat them it does not get paint inside the structure. You can take a brush and drizzle some primer inside the hood and let it run into the seams where water will get and start rust.

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