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How to Remove & Replace Black Fuse Block Only in 1971 Mustang, keeping existing Wiring Harness and existing Fuse Clips/Pins ?

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Trying to find information or instructions on how to Remove and Replace only the Black Fuse Block (cracked & chipped) on a 1971 Mustang, pictures always welcome also.

The Fuse Clips or Pins look okay (no rust) and the Wiring Harness also looks fine (in tact and everything works), but the Fuse Block itself is Chipped and Cracked in several places exposing the Metal Clips, so was able to find a Grade A Used Fuse Block from WCCC and was searching the Internet/Web for videos, instructions, forums, pictures anything I could possibly find on replacing the block procedure/process, but coming up completely empty.  

I am not sure if I can just Gently Pry the existing Fuse Clips out and remove a few Nuts including the Center Bolt or if I was going to have to Cut Wires, which I really don't want to do and so forth...

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There's a bolt in the middle that you unscrew. It's spring loaded if I remember right. Once you unscrew it completely from the top there is a clip that disconnects the engine harness from the dash harness.

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When you say Clip that Disconnects Engine Harness from Dash Harness, does that mean the Fuse Block should pull right out after Disconnect ?

I've unscrewed that Center Bolt before, and unplugged the male and female green blocked shaped wire connectors, but the black fuse box block, cover or housing and wire harness were still closely tied together, which I thought was by way of the metal fuse clips or prongs and that they needed to be individually gently pried inward to free the block up.  Wasn't sure either if that was enough and might further have to cut some wires etc...Be nice to also free up some of the wire harness or loom to be able to move the box around a bit, the factory fit is very tight indeed and no leway to really maneuver it much in any direction.

I've basically never messed with a factory fuse block or box before, aside from adding my own after market boxes for accessories...

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Okay sure if you could take some pictures, that would probably be helpful.

I removed the center bolt and unplugged the green block, but that was as far as I got, seemed like the black fuse block or end housing wasn't going anywhere from that point aside from about (1/2" - 1") leway.

So was wondering what all more I needed to do to actually free up the housing, then remove from car and insert the original fuse clips into the new block housing when it arrives.

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The green box on the back side of the fuse box (when disconnected from headlight harness plug) is captured on the center bolt by an "e" clip.  You can remove the clip by pressing on the fuse box center bolt so that the e-clip clears the green box, then pry it out with a small screwdriver.  Don't lose that clip!

I PM'ed you with instructions for how to remove individual fuse clips once the green box is out.

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