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Speedometer Cable Routing


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I noticed that the PO ran the speedo cable so that it would touch the exhaust in two places.  I have a replacement cable, but don't see an obvious way of routing the cable away from the exhaust. 

Does anyone have any pictures on speedo cable routing they can share?  



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3 hours ago, Bentworker said:

I can get some pics from my parts car.  It doesn’t run up the transmission tunnel like you would think.  There are a couple clips that hold it to the bottom of the drivers side floorpan

Thanks a ton @Bentworker!  The PO ran it up the tunnel and tied it off to the lockout arm on the steering column.  It touched the exhaust in two places.


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On 12/27/2020 at 2:28 PM, Bentworker said:



^^as a reference move said bracket to the rear of transmission cross member as shown on the "x"

for what its worth.

following the same path from the previous post. Here's what is recommended from Hooker. I followed the reroute of mounting the bracket behind the transmission cross member. it really helps and keeps the speedo cable from sagging on top of or too close to the pipes. (ask me how I know) mind you the Ref. picture is inverted idk why lol, but still serves its purpose. the mount bracket will need to be screwed into the transmission cross member from the backside using a new sheetmetal screw. I cant up load a current pic of what I did, but I'll try when I get back home. 

1. insert the speed cable into dash cluster.

2. insert speedo gear into the tranny.

2. place the bracket on the rear crossmember and make sure you have tension to lift the cable from sagging on the pipes. doesn't need much for to pick up.

View: rear to front of engine.



After you reroute this cable. know this: any future work on the dash you're going to have to remove the bracket from the cross member since you've eliminated that extra slack to pull out the cluster. its an extra step you have to do down the road so don't forget and accidentally break it. lol

1972 Mach1 H-code 351C - 2V - bought 10/5/2010 still a headeache

1972 Grande coupe Inline 6 1bbl - dad bought in 90's Sold




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