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Lots of factory parts for sale.

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Hey guys, this post will need some polishing but I figured I'd at least get it started to gauge interest and help with pricing. I want to post this in other places but this is the only honest place I trust. If you guys aren't interested if you at least help with price setting ill post elsewhere also.

So most may know I'm in the middle of doing a whole Holley Sniper EFI, Aeromotive fuel tank and dakota digital dash.

I kept all the factory stuff that came off.

I figured I'd try to sell the original 4 speed toploader as a conversion kit. I have the trans, clutch, bell, hurst shifter zbar, flywheel and driveshaft. All items are in working order and have 36K original miles on it. 

I also have a factory cluster with Tach and a factory long console with clock.

I have the factory intake with carb but the carb needs a rebuild. I also have the factory dizzy. 

I rebuilt my engine so I have a lot of factory internals if anyone is looking for anything along with an additional factory crank that has already been machined. I just need to check what it was turned to.

I'm sure there is more im missing. I have a big box full of parts so ill dig.

I can provide pictures for whatever anyone wants. 

Thanks guys.



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36 minutes ago, MikeGriese said:

What do you want for the gearbox setup?


Just the box or do you want the bell, x-member, hurst shifter, zbar and clutch pedal. Not sure what shipping would cost?


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