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Heater Box restore


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***EDIT** I did decide to just get a new air box from ACP but still wanted to keep this post so people can comment or give tips.

Been in the process of going through and doing my best to either replace or restore the heater box and components. 

one door was rusted beyond use though and I need one. 

also I’m open to any tips or tricks when doing these.

see attached pics I believe it’s #10 in that diagram







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16 minutes ago, MikeGriese said:

I have a heater box out of a '71 convertible that I am not using.  It's in really good condition - let me know if you would like some photos.

 Thanks! I just decided to get a new box from ACP, living in AK is tough on shipping but I have a freight forwarder in WA. 

really appreciate it though! 

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Hey Trevynd when  you get the new box can you snap a few pics of the internal side of the box? Can you also give us your opinion on the quality of the box? I'm debating also on repairing mine or just getting a new one like you. Thanks!!

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