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Exhaust tips FS ***SOLD***

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Those are original? I thought original ones had the clamps on opposite sides to make a true left and right. Like these::


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There is a left and right side on the production installed and service  chrome exhaust tips. They are made so the screw side of the clamp is on the opposite side away from the fuel tank. The clamp was spot welded to the tip to keep it from rotating and there is an alignment slot  to keep the tip located properly. OE and service tips were all stamped with Ford engineering numbers. The right side tip is D1ZZ-5255-A and engineering numbers are D1ZA-5202-AA, BA, BB.  Left side is D1ZZ-5255-B and engineering numbers are D1ZA-5203-AA, AB, and D1ZA-5263-AA.

jscott is correct about needing to add another zero if these were NOS  Ford parts. The last set I saw on E-Bay sold for $895.00!  I can remember in the '80s when new Ford tips were $36.00 each! Supply and demand....a song we have all heard before.  :whistling:


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No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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33 minutes ago, jscott said:

Just looking at them it would be simple just to drill out the two small welds that hold the clamp on so you could reverse the clamp to the inside on one of these.

 Yes I guess you could do that too, but another thought, I recently had new tail pipes made and the tips were previously hacked and tacked, so they were cut off and expanded to fit over the 2 1/4" then welded back on. Yeah, I'm too cheap to buy new repops and the result looks good and no clamps to worry about..


 I learn something new every day!

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On 1/8/2021 at 4:05 PM, jscott said:

These tips came with  my car and I had planned on using them however I am installing 2.5 pipes and these are for 2 1/8 pipes so I have gone with after market tips.

Hi there-  Can you possibly let me know which aftermarket tips you are using for the 2.5" pipes?  My 429 CJ-R has long-tube headers and 2.5" pipes.  Would love to add the tips as a finishing touch if they are close to stock looking.

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