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Turn Signals Work In Acc. Mode

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Hello everyone... Is it normal for the turn signals to work when the key is in accessory mode (turned backwards)


I am having a heck of a time with the new stereo I installed for my son and noticed this while trying to troubleshoot. I some of my searches, it looks like the white/purple stripe that I thought powered the original AM radio ties into the turn signal circuit?? I pulled switched power off this circuit for the new stereo but am now thinking that may have not been a good idea... Lots of crackling through the speakers and the amp goes into protected mode when you turn up the volume indicating it does not like the voltage. The amp is wired direct to the battery with 1/0 to the trunk and a dedicated 6 ga. ground. Only the remote power trigger is tied to the amp from the head unit.


I am thinking that maybe the remote voltage is whacky?

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