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Anyone know any newer front seats that’ll fit the 71 Coupe Mustangs?? I want something more comfortable and the originals are worn out. Thanks!

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The 71-73s use a different seat mounting setup than other mustangs.  I know there are folks  that have figured out how to graft other seats into a 71-73, but I have never heard of a bolt in seat swap from another car.  

TMI makes a bolt in aftermarket seat for the 71-73.  I can’t confirm it but I have seen more than one person complain that the seat base is too high, reducing headroom for tall drivers.  I think the height issue would come to play with any seat with a tall base or tall slider / bracket setup.

Personally I bolted a pair of aftermarket Recaro seats in my 71.  I used some brackets I got from Griffin Motorworke in Berkeley CA.  

If you figure out a good swap be sure to share it.




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If the fox body Recaro's I am going to be putting in are any indication, the seat tracks are swappable between fox body Mustangs and ours. The problem I found when I test fit the Recaros is that they sat pretty high. The Recaro's had a spacer at the bottom I was able to remove but then I needed to make new mounting holes in the seat base. I could likely also pick up a set of adaptors to mount my now lowered Recaros to the original rails, but the price just seems too high for what it is. And the nice thing is that mine are now mounted about as low as they possibly could be. I just still need to take them in to get them recovered. 


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